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Classes & Workshops

  • Classes and Workshops

    Make mindful art in a supportive, judgment-free setting

The Process

In mindful art classes and workshops:

  • We establish a share circle, which is a safe, nonjudgmental space to create together
  • We practice simple breathing exercises to get settled and comfortable
  • The facilitator demos the art process
  • The facilitator leads the group through a meditation
  • Participants have time to create their art
  • Participants are given journal prompts for self-reflection
  • Participants are invited to share their art and experiences with the group
  • The session is closed

What We Create

We do a variety of art processes, such as:

  • Mandala-making
  • Intuitive collage
  • Visual journaling
  • Automatic drawing
  • Expressive poetry
  • Gratitude feathers
  • Doodling
  • Intuitive painting


Classes and workshops are held at our hosting site, which is Purple Dog Art Studio.
Purple Dog Art Studio is located at 28 S. High St, New Albany, OH 43054.

We also collaborate with other organizations around Columbus, Ohio and the Central Ohio area.
Check the Events page to see what we're offering and where we'll be.


Make some art. Does it look terrible? Yes? No? You are a mindful artist. Make more art.

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